Aaron William Davis

December 5, 2000 ~ November 12, 2022 (age 21) 21 Years Old


We are heartbroken and devastated to announce that our son Aaron William Davis age 21 from Cumming, Georgia was pronounced dead November 12, 2022 because that is the date the police found his body (but we believe he was murdered on the night of November 10th or early hours on November 11th, though that is just a belief of the family and not confirmed by police.) Aaron was born in Providence Rhode Island on December 5, 2000. He was preceded in death by his grandfathers Clinton Valentine Davis Jr. and Jerry Kenneth Rennick and his brother Samuel Azrikim Nephi Davis. Aaron is survived by his father Clinton Randall Davis, his mother Sara Rennick Davis, his siblings Luke Davis (age 25), Lorelei Davis (age 19), Phebe Davis (age 14) and Micah Davis (age 11). He is also survived by his grandmother Ruthanna Davis, his grandmother Elizabeth Rennick and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

The following is the Eulogy written and read by his mother at his Memorial service..

I am Aaron Davis’ mother. One of Aaron’s friends described Aaron this way. “Aaron always has a way to think about things that fascinated me, and got me to think differently. Aaron has such a keen intellect and powerful confidence in himself. It just seems as though he just knew who he was and was unapologetically himself and supremely confident in his own skin” Yes, Aaron was so unique and truly himself. He knew he was a Child of God.

He was a philosopher. He had a great interest in philosophy and would frequently be reading philosophy books. Yes, he read three hundred year old philosophy books just for fun. I told him I hated philosophy and didn’t know how he liked that.

He also loved all things film. He was a film critic. He had enjoyed analyzing film and tv shows like no other. He would analyze a film in every way possible. For example, Aaron and Luke were really excited to see the movie Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald on opening night. When they came home from that movie, they were so animated in their hatred of that movie. The next morning we were taking a family vacation to Floridia and for the whole 8 hour trip they picked apart that movie in every way possible. They would quote Harry Potter books and discuss how wrong J. K. Rowling got this movie pulling from all his resources in his head to back up why the movie was so wrong. I was so fascinated that Aaron could be so passionate and articulate about film. I rarely watch movies and am very opposite of him in this interest. A couple of weeks before Aaron died we decided to watch the new Weird Al movie together because I know every 80’s song by heart, though I told him I was going to hate the movie because I hate slapstick. He said to me, “Mom, this is Weird Al of course you have to expect something completely bazaar.”. I loved listening to Aaron giggle and laugh throughout the movie. Of course one of his favorite movie subjects is Star Wars and as a family we would always go on opening night.

Aaron was extremely intelligent and read all the Lord of the Rings books by age 9. He would love to reread them. He had all the 13 articles of faith memorized by age three and at age 3 stood in front of our whole church congregation and quoted from memory the 13th article of faith which he tried to live by his whole life. I am going to read to you the 13th article of faith now and I want you to picture in your mind Aaron as a three year old child quoting this from memory in front of the whole church. “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul- We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things and hope to be able to endure all

things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy we see after these things.” When Aaron was younger, Aaron and I would read the church magazine the Ensign together and then discuss it. I remember when Aaron was around 8 years old after Aaron and I just finished reading together an article about Heavenly Fathers plan (we were reading this in a doctor’s office while waiting for him to get a check up.) He summed up the article saying, “Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and happiness is having children”. Throughout Aaron’s life, our family would study the scriptures daily together and discuss them after we read them. Then we would kneel down nightly and say a family prayer together. Afterward, we give each family member a hug. When Aaron was younger, the hugs sometimes got out of hand and the kids would start wrestling during the hug and then we would pile on top of each other.

Aaron had a great love of learning and was constantly reading 5 different books at the same time on all different subjects. The day before Aaron died, Aaron came into my room to talk to me while I was lying in bed. He said the next book he was interested in reading was called “Life Everlasting, a definitive study of life after death”; He knew I read that book, so we discussed it and discussed other books he was interested in reading soon.

Aaron loved to be goofy, be funny and laugh and make people laugh. One way he expressed this is by writing movie scripts and then casting his siblings and friends in the movie and filming. Of course the movies were completely weird and silly. Also, Luke and Aaron decided to make a youtube channel critique of a very obscure show called Ewok Adventures. It's just a way to be silly and express themselves. Oh, Aaron made everything so fun and he had such enthusiasm for life.
Aaron had great fondness for a wide variety of music. His top 3 favorite bands were They Might Be Giants, the Beatles, and Animal Collective. He played the piano, the trombone and sang. When he would be walking by himself around the house or elsewhere he would frequently sing to himself, or hum and make music with his voice. I treasured sitting next to Aaron at church singing the church hymns together every Sunday we were together. He sang with heart and believed the words he was singing.

Aaron loved to play all different kinds of board games that required stratagem; For example, he would play Lord of the Rings card game that required a lot of brain power. He loved to jump on the trampoline with friends and siblings, he was the leader in our house over nerf gun battles; Aaron just liked to play and have fun which includes playing hide and seek. Aaron earned his eagle scout award. He did marching band and theater at North Foryth High school. He loved to hike and go on walks, He enjoyed being in nature. He liked to play baseball, soccer, frisbee golf and pickleball.

For the last two years of high school, he was a full time student at the university of North GA. Aaron was a hard worker and worked to pay for college and his other expenses. The different jobs he had were: he worked at walmart, Ensign doing mold removal, he was a movie extra, he sold his plasma, he worked at a call center, he worked at a haunted house in Rexburg, he was a teacher’s assistant at BYUI, he worked at the Gabe Zeller law firm in Reidsville North Carolina, and currently he was working at zero odor in Alpharetta.

He graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science from Brigham Young University Idaho. He loved democracy, freedom and was very involved in studying political issues before he voted. He made sure he always voted.

Due to some unique circumstances like the Covid 19 Pandemic and doing dual enrollment classes, Aaron is the only person I know who is both a return missionary and a college graduate at the age of 21. He took his studies seriously but at the same time, would often be found reading Kierkegaard, Moby Dick, taking time to go on long walks with friends, watch a new episode of an important tv show or finishing a level of a Zelda game the night before an important test.

Aaron had an extraordinarily close bond with his siblings, Luke, Lorelei, Phebe and Micah. I have never seen my kids get into a fight. They just loved each other so much. Luke and Aaron had such an amazing connection and shared a lot of the same interests. For example, whenever I would be on a video phone with Luke and Aaron would come into the room, I became invisible because as soon as they would see each other, they would light up and start talking very fast, and animated, changing from one subject to another with never a break in the conversation. They would laugh and giggle and this happened every single time they talked.

One of Aaron’s friends said to him, “I always see you walking holding hands with your girlfriend around the neighborhood” Aaron exclaimed, “that is not my girlfriend, that’s my sister Phebe!” As many of you can attest to that Aaron and his siblings like to go for walks and talks together. Aaron and his siblings were very affectionate. Lorelei shared her thoughts about Aaron and said “Aaron is someone I can be fully myself around and not hold back any part of my personality. He is someone I know I can always count on for advice and comfort. We have so much fun discussing movies, books, and video games..We love Jake the Dog (from Adventure time) ‘Open door philosophy’-which basically means always saying ‘yes’ when you have the chance to try something new or learn a new skill. Because of this, we love to try new things together. Aaron has taught me to be adventurous, inquisitive, and open minded”. Aaron would organize and plan nerf gun battles to play at Micah’s birthday. Micah just loved how Aaron would play with him. I recently heard Aaron four different times saying to Micah, “Mr. Micah, I picked out a game for us to play together”.

Aaron was a very obedient and loving, caring son. He listened and obeyed Randy and myself.. Randy and siblings will miss him as his Scfi/fantasy watching buddy, the guy that could remember who was who and recognize the significance of a character from 3 seasons ago returning in an episode that Randy had totally forgotten about. He was the media recommender for the younger siblings. He had deep bonding friendships with his siblings and cousins. He could talk for hours about philosophy, music literature, and religion. He is also remembered for his voracious appetite and once even bested David Goulding setting the record by eating 33 slices of CiCi’s pizza (plus 2 bowls of pasta) following a temple trip.

He was a good friend. He was a good listener. He was loving, kind and a peacemaker. Aaron told me once that he hopes he gets married before the second coming of Jesus

Christ. That was one of his main goals in life was to get married and have a family. So heartbreaking that we will not get to see that happen here on earth. Aaron met a girl named Charliegirl at church camp at the end of May this year and they quickly were smitten with each other and fell in love. They described their love as magical. We are grateful that Aaron got to know that kind of love.

Aaron had a future brighter than the sun. On the day I believe Aaron was murdered, he had taken the GACE test in Polical Science. He texted me after the test that he passed and

scored high on the test. This test was so he could become a high school government or law teacher. He told Randy and I that eventually he wanted to get his Phd and become a Political Science professor. He also told us that becoming a lawyer was not off the table. The next day, he planned to visit his girlfriend in Gadsden Alabama. He texted her that his visit to her was going to be epic.

Aaron is a disciple of Jesus Christ. He graduated from 4 years of seminary and took seven religion classes at BYU. Aaron is an ordained priest and elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. Aaron was a missionary and served in the Las Vegas West mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. Aaron studied the bible and book of mormon his whole life and believed the bible and book of mormon to be the word of God. I have precious memories of going to the temple together with Aaron to do a session. Aaron sent me a private message one time that said, “ I happened to finish the book of Mormon again today and I think Moroni is my new favorite book in the book of mormon. It’s so cool how the book ends by setting the foundations and rules for the church that I’ve gone to every Sunday.” (This is such an Aaron statement because he was always analyzing.) Aaron posted a facebook post on his page that reads, “The book of Moroni in the book of mormon is amazing! I’d like to challenge all of ya’ll to read it”. He also posted another time that reads “Hello friends. I would just like to testify unto you that God has a plan for us! I would recommend you all read doctrine and covenants secession 76: verse 50-70”

A friend recalls a hilarious time when the youth of our church were walking 9 miles to the temple in honor of the pioneers. Aaron was 15 years old at the time and walked barefoot the whole trek. He said if hobbits can walk barefoot then so could he.

One very fond memory of Aaron that Luke, Randy and I have is of Aaron dressing up like a hobbit as a young child. He did this for years. Most of the time he was Bilbo, but sometimes Sam. He would be wielding his sword Sting and be play fighting with himself in our front yard in Massachusetts just really going at it running and jumping from rock to rock because we had a lot of big rocks in our front yard that formed a semi-circle. Aaron explained himself and said, “My imaginary friend is my worst enemy.”

Oh Aaron, Aaron Aaron you are so loved. You are so missed and will always be missed. We don’t want to go on without you. We will miss Aaron immensely. We treasure the time we had to enjoy his presence on this earth. We believe sincerely that we will be blessed to be reunited with him due to the atonement of Jesus Christ overcoming both Spiritual and Physical death and allowing us to be together forever.

Aaron will be buried in Rehoboth Massachusetts in a private graveside service. If you would like to send condolences please send cards to Randy and Sara Davis 6108 Beechwood Trace Cumming GA 30040

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